Local Specialists


We work with all of the local holiday rental agencies, cleaning firms, solicitors, estate agents and tradespeople, and have excellent working relationships to ensure the owners of our managed developments receive the best service and prices in all regards.


Transparency is extremely important to us. We prepare and provide full annual accounts with reputable firms of chartered accountants, and ensure all owners receive these for their records. We treat all owners as partners in the combined management of a property. Quotes, schedules and costs are provided in regular communications to ensure that all owners are aware of fees, rates, payments and the progress/schedule of works. We ensure our costs and fees are always displayed separately to subcontractors so there is never any hidden expense. Bank accounts are ring-fenced and protected and no funds are shared between developments.


In our experience, many agents do not provide or even understand the regulatory requirements for fire safety legislation. We are fully aware of the public liability requirements for multi-dwelling properties and provide regular inspection of all fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, entrance and exit access, disability access, lift maintenance and lighting (both standard and emergency). Our fire risk assessments and servicing are carried out by accredited firms.

Blue Bay has particular expertise in this often overlooked area, ensuring best practice in all matters of fire safety and health & safety legislation.